Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Explained with music! XD

" I try to be perfect but nothing was  worth it . I don't believe it makes me real"

These words basically reflect the past few months in one way or another.

The past few months has me feeling like everything is so PLASTIC!

You know how when you where a rebellious teenager and feel like "it's me VS the world" thing ? Yeah ...that feeling!

I found myself drowned in paperwork listening to various bands ...when words fail , music speaks ....

I'm not bothered by the paper work ( well I am but paperwork won't make you feel plastic)

It's just that the world is build in a way where we have to "PUT UP A SHOW" all the time ...

Long story short? They expect and want to show others .....


But we feel more comfortable in our own skin and just wanna have some ...


( pun intended

But when "playing classical finger style guitar perfectly at the age of 5" is expected of us and we end messing up a little here and there , dissatisfaction comes running through... and you hear things like " How can this be? you are expected to do great and put up a good show ...yet you wore your bow-tie backwards " or " Yes you smiled but your teeth were embarrassing ! " 

Hearing that, we become less motivated and end up feeling like 


Every ounce of motivation and probably passion to do our best is extinguished .....

I'm not talking about failing at something or making a mistake and facing the music for it ...I'm talking about people trying their best and having fun and learning in the process but PERFECTION is expected ...clean cut , zero mistake ,PLASTIC like output is expected  ...

We have to remind ourselves that we are only human and we can't be perfect even if we try to...Let's be creative , thinking out of the box and giving a chance for people to develop in a healthy mindset .... 

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to be rebellious nor do I feel like the world is against me . I also don't feel like I'm better of alone ....I'm just trying to tell everyone that PLASTIC is expected of us and we should be allowed to " BE LIKE WATER" ( yes, a Bruce Lee quote haha), flexible so we can be the best of ourselves ... coz we are the most productive that way....

WE AREN'T MADE OF PLASTIC  and PERFECT doesn't exist ! unless you exist in the trucks in the video below .... 

Well , if you are reading this THANK YOU!! you have managed to read through my rants and I appreciate it haha ~ 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Something mellow maybe?


Since my last entry , I lost 4 tooth and got my braces! Yes! after all these years!

How are you lately? I hope you are coping ! I find it hard sometimes though ! with so much things to absorb in such limited time and brain space !

Feeling a little congested again ....

And I should also ease up on watching sooooooo many crime shows and real life crimes!!

I had a really nerve-wrecking nightmare about a takeover. I was lead , together with a large group of people ( by some sort of militant group) to some other location. There was a passerby. A farmer or something....and then one of them ( the militants)took out his gun and shot the poor guy! They then ordered us to the ground and started randomly shooting people!! Watching and listening to people get shot one by one , not knowing when the bullet will hit you is horrifying!!

           Woke up with a headache ...on a Monday morning ...yeap! I also managed to give myself extra work by spilling my morning coffee all over the table !

On the bright side, I am getting used to eating with the braces and all...and yoga + aerobics helped me clear my mind a little !

Owh well!

Time for a mellow song ?

quote from the lyrics ...find it really nice ~ :)

" For don't you wait ...for the faster you let go , you will receive what you need"

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mid autumn festival during summer !! And some ranting ....nyah!

Well it's September !!

I accompanied my friend to the parade yesterday and also went to the stalls with friends today!

It's summer all year round here but we still celebrate mid autumn festival here ! 

I even made mooncakes for the very first time!! Shanghai style! Made them with my lovely friends ! ^^ we made 60 in total! 

This was taken by a friend before the parade ~

After that we had dinner ~  at some place called Bull's Grill~ 
 *ranting starts*
The people at the next table weren't very nice :( 

I know my set of chomps are overcrowded has a very bad case of overbite and are over protruding ... but having that as a topic of conversation isn't very nice !

I'm a little used to people giving me that look when they see my teeth....but talking about it out loud is really .....unbelievable... 

Been really self-conscious about it ... so i'm glad that I made the decision to get it over and done with ~

Good news is I'm getting my teeth removed  next week ( 2 molars and 2 read it right 4 IN ONE GO!!!) 

I'll get my braces on my the town I was born in !! 


I'm glad I have the support and encouragement I did to get my teeth fixed...I'm lucky...

Some people have conditions that cannot be fixed and it is sad when people start judging, talking and laughing about it ... I'll be lying if I said I'm not hurt ... so please people! Just be nice! If you really wanna talk about it then take it somewhere else...don't talk about it then and there !! huhu

Wow...such a serious topic eh ~ 

~sigh ... Well if I take a look at it in another perspective and shift my paradigm ..I'd say this is who I am ...unique and special ~ Which is why I didn't insist on getting it fixed in the first place ~ But since it is making me uncomfortable, I decided to get it done!

So, wish me luck !

I hope you feel the same way ... unique and special ... the hardest person to love is not your next of kin, your family or your boyfriend/girlfriend ... We all know deep inside, ....that the hardest person to love is ourselves. Don't you agree? It's easier said than done but we should at least try to do that! I hope you do...

I always put music at the end of my blog...for some reason I have this song stuck in my head !! enjoy!! cute but disturbingly morbid (in a funny kinda way??)! XD

Jya,oyasumi! Matta atode ne ! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thorn between choices....

Ohisashi buri...!!

been long since an entry...

I have nothing much to blog about...well nothing really interesting happening lately...

Well there is one thing ....

One of my favourite band is finally coming here ....and i'm thorn go or not to go...I have till 10 am Monday to decide...

I'm not so sure everyone enjoys rock music the way I do...or are there super extreme crazy fans out there....

So going alone to this concert scares me is also in an unfamiliar city!! I have never been to a concert before and it will cost quite a sum...

I have no one to ask ...haha

Well a little ranting can't hurt right....

I know how often ppl say that the're tired...but I have been feeling sleepy  all the time ....maybe it's because my body isn't used to the new routine....exercise...I feel healthy but also tired the next day ....

I'm probably also mentally tired many things happening that I can't really say ...haha

Sometimes you just have to block it out ...but sometimes it builds up inside and frustration and impatience comes in the way ....

I hate it when I get frustrated by the slightest things....Is there anyway to fix frustration???

I know's my weakness haha ....Well there is a way to relief some frustration! and that's music ....

Been listening to familiar songs and not the new ones...I barely have time for other stuff I can't catch up with Alice Nine's new songs ...LM.C and OOR are on tour and I'm no longer catching up with SID ....missed a lot of their live interviews and so on ~ ....oh well ...I guess that phase of being interested in music and keeping up with their latest releases is over :( ....

I hope you are doing well and fine ...haha ...And I hope you forgive me if you happen to come across my frustration...hontoni gomennnasai ....(>/\<) ....

And I found Yasu's full cover of 1/3 junjou na kanjou !!!

Acid Black Cherry - 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou from yungiez on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My ride arrived ....

Ride arrived on Thursday!!!

I'd post a pic but I decided to keep my life a little more private from now on?

I love it ...though i've read not so promising reviews about it ...I love it and that's all that matters !

Been in a slump lately...maybe because I feel so saturated with stuff!!

I feel like something had gone amiss or something ~

And then I remembered ... lol I've been stuck at home with no place in particular to go for the past 3 days !

So I decided to go to the mall just to get some stationery...Get to drive my car around for a bit and I felt better I guess !!

Gosh I feel sleepy all the time !!!

I guess it's time to call it a day !!

Tomorrow is Monday !!! ( not that it needs reminding ...but still...)

Heads up brace yourselves ...coz things comes and goes !!!

Hey !! if you teleport to the US right now it'd be 9am in the morning !! ....

Nyah !!

Music of the day !! :)

English song this time around ~

Ganbare !!! Genki ni natte !!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life so far? MY FIRST RIDE !!!

It would be unfair to you to say that I am tired , busy and exhausted ... because I bet you feel the same way too right? Who Isn't? haha

Anyhoo...I feel as if my brain is clogged up!! But I feel better after a good shower and writing an entry ...with a cat on my lap....Strangely, is sitting up straight looking at the computer screen as I type!! nyan !

Big issues lately? well you've read them all in the papers and seen them in the news right? so i'll bore you if I start talking about those issues  ( like haze and all)

"stolen pic form other websites" haha
So how's life you ask me?

I'm getting my first carrrrr!! well, I waited for almost a month now since I decided and booked it ....

I thought I'd get it on the 22nd but no ! and they said Wednesday ....which is today....They also mentioned that I'd have to wait at least 1  to 2 months for the body kit and chrome parts to be ordered form Japan since it was out of stock (and because it was a limited colour ....can you imagine!! grey as a limited color!!!)So what can I do but wait and anticipate for today right?? XD

I had a workshop today ...and during the lunch break I made a beeline to the  car and headed home for my "nasi lemak" which mum promised me she'd get ... and also news for my car !!

Alas ... they forgot to reserve the number I wanted . Now they had to get it from another small town ...which means ...I won't get it today ! ... GOOD NEWS is ...they found another branch with the body kit and chrome parts in stock!! YAY !! I'm hoping to get it tomorrow ... but I doubt it... I don't have to wait much longer so *clapps*

how bout you? Do take care because of the haze ... !!!

Well my eyelids are falling which means ..........................................Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
( ̄、 ̄@)zzz・・ねるよー

Sunday, June 2, 2013

2am...and listening to ABC

Um...not as in "ABC' the alphabet song ...but Acid Black Cherry

It's the name Yasu carries for his solo carrier ....

Yeap...another music based blog post

It'll take forever to explain why a solo act would take up a band like name ...but long story short ...ABC is actually a solo act by a guy named Yasu and he uses support band members ...

You COULD call them a band since he basically sicks to the same support band ever since he started his solo carrier...

Like the drummer Jun-ji ... he us just a support member.

Haha but don't look down on the "support member" status ....he was the ex-drummer for the all so famous SIAM SHADE!!!

Aiji was a roadie for Siam Shade once ...and Junji Sakuma ( Aka Jun-ji) appeared as a support drummer for LM.C's Chemical Kingtwoon PV !!


Anyhoo I was listening to some of ABC's song and Yasu did a cover for Siam Shade's 1/3 Junjou no Kanjou  ( 1/3 true feelings)

This song is one of my fav ending songs in the Rurouni Kenshin anime!!

Yasu's voice and the new arrangement really complimented the song and made it "refreshing"?? !! ( I should brush up on my vocab!) ^^''

Have a listen !! ^^

I couldn't embed the live preview because it is uploaded at their official channel so if you are curious, click HERE

If you wanna listen and watch the original version by the original band click HERE

Really brings you back to the 90-ies lol !! ahem...same drummer in the two videos by the way.... only older ( already in his 40-ies), has brighter orange hair and wears eyeliner instead of sunglasses . ..:p

Hope you enjoyed my music review today!

Stay genki!!